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The Summer Edit now LIVE!
The Summer Edit now LIVE!



I entered the world of apparel with no experience whatsoever. I had a vision for a one piece romper for my first born, but one that actually allowed for easy diaper changes. I did not know anything about manufacturing, sewing, fabrics, or pattern making, but I dove into the research and after countless prototypes, the Zomper was born. During my research and development phase, I learned a lot of the ugly realities about the apparel industry, and I was determined to make the Zomper as ethically and sustainably as possible, which led me to manufacturing out of my hometown of Calgary, Canada. It was the most expensive option, but the one I felt most comfortable with.

Continuing to make our clothing in Canada has not been an easy road, but it is one I am proud of. I frequently share about the industry on our social, and I am constantly learning and evolving as I find out more and more about the damage that we inflict on the planet and the people on it in the name of fashion. I never claim to run a perfect company, but I do try my best to ensure we are making the best choices we can with the resources at hand.

Thank you for being here, and supporting our family run company. I know you have a million options when it comes to how you clothe your family, and I am so honoured and grateful to be part of that story, even if it means you are just on the site for a visit to check us out.

A few things to know about ROWE:

ROWE now operates out of two ethical factories located in Vancouver. We also work with a small manufacturing house in Los Angeles, who make our Vintage T-Shirts from Supima Cotton grown in the USA. We have accessories coming in the Summer of 2023 from two ethical factories in Portugal. 

Our custom fabrics are knit and dyed in houses in Quebec, Ontario or Los Angeles. We also get our tencel jersey from a supplier in Vancouver who works closely with mills overseas. Our zippers, tags, thread, and most notions are also Canadian made.

Packages are shipped in compostable mailers or recyclable boxes, with compostable tissue paper, ribbons or stickers.

ROWE is not fast fashion. I don't do trends. I aim to make sustainable and ethical clothing, pieces that lasts, conscious of the future generations we’re dressing.


Barbara Backman

(Mom to three wild children and five rescue animals, wife to one amazing Irish man, and owner of ROWE.)