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Our new modal blend is made from mostly Austrian beechwood, which is harvested sustainably and then processed into a beautifully soft fiber in a closed loop system. This means that 99% of the solvents and water that are used in the process are recycled back into the system. It’s a highly regulated and patented process and for those reasons it’s much more environmentally friendly than even something like bamboo, which although we love, is unfortunately not regulated so it’s hard to be sure of it’s true environmental impact. This modal is made just for ROWE in one of the best fabric houses in Los Angeles. 

This fabric is a short fiber brushed fleece, its very fuzzy on the inside and has a very soft, almost cashmere like finish on the other, so it is more prone to pilling and needs a bit more care. We recommend washing on a GENTLE cycle on cold inside out with other soft fabrics (no rough denim or Velcro!) and hanging to dry. This will keep pilling to a minimum, but please note, some pilling is to be expected. 

We believe it’s worth it for these pieces. Much like the earth we live on, we believe a bit more consciousness and care can go a long way! 🌍