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by Chrissy (@raising.wild.harts)

Hi! I’m Chrissy, and this is my little family. Jason and I have been together since high school! Allie is turning 5 in December and Jack is 19 months. We have two dogs, Bella and Rocky, and we live in the beautiful Okanagan! 

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We have always loved getting outdoors, hiking and exploring together, even before we had kids! I don’t think we really ever even thought about how different our trips would look with two littles in tow. And although I have to say some things are definitely a little more challenging at times, we both agree that family trips are WAY funner with these monkeys! 

I visited Revelstoke a couple times when I was little, and the number one thing I’ve always remembered most about it were the mountains. We are surrounded by mountains in the Okanagan Valley, but Revelstoke is a mountain community, surrounded by huge, snow covered peaks. The ski hill is right in town, and the national park just off the highway. 


We stayed in Revelstoke for two nights in a cozy cabin at Basecamp Guesthouse. They have a couple different cabins to choose from, as well as a full house and different suite options. We were sure it would be chilly through the night, luckily the cabins are heated so we were all nice and toasty! The hosts brought homemade cookies down for us and treats for the pups too! We spent our evenings in the hot tub, which was such a bonus for the kids (us too!)Just minutes from town with a mountain view right out the front door. We very much enjoyed our stay and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for accommodation in Revelstoke! 

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We arrived late Saturday afternoon and were pretty exhausted from all the driving.. We grabbed dinner and hung out in the hot tub at the cabin for the evening. We woke up early Sunday, got ready, and planned to head out to the national park for some hiking. We were driving by the train museum when Allie spotted it and suddenly became extremely interested in trains.. I really didn’t think we would have as much fun as we did, but both kids absolutely loved it! We stayed much longer than expected but we were so glad we decided to check it out! 

After the museum we headed out to Giant Cedars Boardwalk. The walk is short and easy for the kids. The rain forest was stunning and the trees were ginormous! You will need a park pass for this stop as it is part of the national park, but we were really happy we took some time to explore this area.

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After lunch we headed to Revelstoke Mountain Resort. If you haven’t taken a ride on the Pipe Mountain Coaster, YOU SHOULD! It is such a blast and the scenery is phenomenal. I believe minimum age to ride along with a parent is 3, and minimum to ride by yourself is 8. If you can, try to plan ahead and book tickets online as you’ll save 10%. The coaster is only open until mid October, when the snow starts to fall. We came in the summer and the wait time was almost 2 hours! Coming in the fall is great, no crowds, no lines, no waiting. 

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We stayed at the resort for the afternoon and headed into town for dinner. We managed to sneak in one more hike up the Nelson ski jump hill before heading back to the cabin. The hill was pretty steep at times but the sunset at the top of the viewpoint was stunning and a family memory I’ll always hold close to my heart. 

We woke up early on Monday and checked out of the cabin, picked up some coffee and drove to the top of Mount Revelstoke. I did want to mention we brought our dogs with us, however, because of the grizzly bear activity in the area, there are a lot of trails you will not be able to bring dogs so just something to keep in mind.. It was a really rainy, foggy morning so unfortunately some of our views were hard to see, but the mountain is completely covered in hiking trails and viewpoints and the drive was absolutely beautiful with all the fall colours covering the gigantic trees. 

We made one more stop before leaving town at the Crazy Creek Suspension Bridge. Crazy Creek is a resort with hot pools and camping, but we just wanted to check out the trails, which you still have to pay for. The hike was short and generally easy, the kids loved the bridge and the waterfall was gorgeous. We were really happy we decided to make that one last stop as we have driven by so so many times and never stopped to check it out. 

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We really didn’t do a lot of eating out as we had a small kitchen in the cabin so we stopped in at Save On Foods and picked up produce and groceries a couple times. Revelstoke finally has a Starbucks (Thank you God) we visited every morning. We picked up lunch one day at Nomad Food Co. however it really wasn’t great and we would not stop there again.. Revelstoke is quite small, smaller than I thought it was.. I was a little surprised there was no classic pizza place like Pizza Hut or Dominos. But we managed to find Padrinos Pizzeria which was a really cool little pizza place with tons of different options and the pizza was delicious! We got a large so we could make lunch out of it the next day. 

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I’ve gotta say this was probably the best family getaway we’ve ever had! We thought October might be a bit too cold but really it was perfect. Summertime is crazy hot and so overcrowded. The fall weather was perfect and the usual tourist spots were empty which always make for better pictures! So if you’re around Revelstoke in the fall, I hope you’ll spend some time exploring the mountains. You won’t regret it! 

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