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MOVING SALE! No code needed, total adjusted at checkout.
MOVING SALE! No code needed, total adjusted at checkout.

HOLD ORDER: You have 7 days to add a friend or shop again!


Combine orders for free shipping! How it works:

Add this HOLD product to your cart and checkout. We will hold your order for 7 days to add more to. Orders made by you or your friends in the next 7 days will be combined and shipped to one address.

Here's how to add to your order:

1️⃣ We will email you a FREE SHIPPING discount code to use on your next orders

  • This code will be valid for the next 7 days for you and your friends to add to your order
  • Use the discount code when you shop again! 

    2️⃣ On your next orders, let us know which email address to combine with

    • For all subsequent orders, you and your friends should add your email address in the Order Notes, so we know to combine subsequent orders with your FIRST order
    • To find the order instructions area go to Cart -> View Cart -> Special Instructions, and add combine with 'your email address'

    3️⃣ Orders will be combined and shipped to one address

    • After 7 days (excluding pre-orders) we will combine all of your and your friends orders and ship them to one address (yours)!

    If your combined order later exceeds the free shipping minimum, we'll refund the original shipping amount that you paid.

    Why are we doing this? A few reasons…

    🌎 Shipping is hard on the planet! Combining orders to 1 address helps save packaging and lessens our carbon footprint.

    💸 Shipping is expensive! We'd rather you didn't have to pay for it, and this helps us spread the cost over multiple orders.